Using Formative Assessment Data to Guide Instruction



Learn how to use research-based principles to understand and gain actionable information from your formative data. We will identify must-have reports, and we will introduce an instructional strategy that uses higher order thinking as part of the formative assessment process.

You'll hear

  • The defining features of formative assessment and the formative assessment cycle
  • The garden analogy and why we should think of our students as plants
  • Indicators of what works best in raising student achievement
  • How to make sure teachers are using assessment data
Sara Shore

Sara Shore

Product Research Director

Ms. Sara Shore currently serves as the Product Research Director of Key Data Systems, an educational research and consulting firm. Ms. Shore’s work centers on understanding the formative assessment space and ensuring that educators are given tools to help inform and impact student learning. She has spent the past nine years working with districts across the country to arm them with resources needed to maximize student achievement. Ms. Shore is an expert in understanding standard-aligned formative assessments and how to analyze the data received from these assessments.