Less Talk, More Action

Taking PLCs past process to results



In the K-12 world—where “PLC-ing” has become a verb—it can be challenging to move collaborative teams from simply looking at data to acting on it.

During this hour-long live webinar, one principal shares his experience on how ditching what he calls “PLC process worship” made all the difference. He’ll share how he empowers his teachers to meaningfully use formative and summative data from every PLC meeting to make a real, lasting impact on student growth.

This webinar will show you

  • Why establishing the PLC process always takes so long
  • The four can’t-skip steps for every PLC
  • The best way to define crystal-clear, actionable goals
  • The pitfalls that will make any PLCs data-rich but action-poor
  • How to find balance between oversight and teacher autonomy

About the Presenter

Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson

After exploring opportunities in both industry and entrepreneurship (and a brief stint as a beekeeper), Dean Wilson returned to his true passion—education. As the principal of Altamont High School in Eastern Utah, he is a diehard advocate for building dynamic professional environments for educators. He led the charge for strong PLC collaboration and implementing a data-driven approach to learning with his own teams. In 2017, he was elected to serve as the president of the Utah Association of Secondary Principals.