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Mastery Tracker      
Common Assessment Sharing      
Learning Community      
Standards for Every State, Subject & Class      
Teacher App (MasteryConnect Mobile Apps)      
Resource Pins      
Teacher-Created Assessments & Reports      
Team Data Collaboration Tools      
Grading Tools (GradeCam, Tablet/Mobile, Browser) Up to 10 questions Up to 100 questions Up to 100 questions
3-Point Proficiency Scale Support      
Student Report/Parent Communication      
Custom Standard Authoring      
Teacher/Student Mobile Apps      
Single Sign-On Google SSO Only Google SSO Only  
World-Class Support      
Online Professional Development $ $ $
Export to Gradebook      
Benchmark/Interim Assessment & Reporting      
Curriculum Maps      
Student Portal*      
Parent Portal*      
4-Point Proficiency Scale Support*      
Student Information System Integration      
Third-Party Item Banks     Click here to learn more
LTI Integration with LMS      
Student Playlists      
API Access      
District Item Authoring (includes TEIs)      
Custom Reporting      
Growth Reporting      
Standards-Based Progress Reports      
Proficiency Calculations      
Bulk Benchmark Data Exporting      
Desmos Calculators     $
On-site Professional Development     Click here to learn more
Lockdown Browser      
Custom Report Cards     $

$ = Request Pricing
* Contact the MasteryConnect Support Team to activate feature for Teacher Pro accounts

"I really can't say enough good about MasteryConnect.
Pretty sure I couldn't teach without it."

- Olivia Oldham
6th Grade Teacher, Riverton Elementary

Frequently Asked

Why different pricing for schools/districts and individual teachers?

School and district purchases of MasteryConnect include special reporting features as well as multi-user management features. With individual teacher purchases, pricing reflects the possible variation in numbers of students for a single teacher. With BubbleScore-only plans, individual teacher pricing is not available and must be purchased at a school/district level with a minimum of one grade purchase. MasteryConnect's Premium Suite includes the BubbleScore gradebook and assessment tools and can be purchased on an individual teacher basis.

Do you support the transition from my state core to the Common Core?

Yes! MasteryConnect works with both your state’s core and the Common Core standards. Our pricing includes the Common Core Standards as well as your state standards for Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies for Mastery Tracking and common assessment sharing. Free accounts have access to share and discover assessments around the Common Core and state standards we currently have available. Premium accounts can share assessments around state and Common Core standards as well as take advantage of mastery tracking, time-saving assessment tools, and standards-based reporting.

What types of payment do you accept?

With school and district purchases, we’re easy to work with! We accept checks and work with your accounting departments on purchase orders. For individual teachers paying with a credit card, we accept: Visa, MasteryCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Pay-by-check is also accepted through PayPal. Payments will show up on your credit card as "Masteryconnect Inc."

What is your return/cancellation policy for credit card payments?

We provide teachers who pay for individual teacher plans with a personal credit card a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

How can I use Title I funds to purchase MasteryConnect?

Many schools and districts have used Title I funding to purchase MasteryConnect solutions and professional development. Click here to download a PDF providing more information on how MasteryConnect meets Title I guidelines.

Does MasteryConnect provide training and Professional Development?

MasteryConnect provides a variety of professional development options in both webinar and on-site formats. We also provide online video help and a step-by-step tutorial in both free and paid accounts. Videos are easy to follow and provide training on all features of both MasteryConnect and BubbleScore. If you are a school or district signing up, your MasteryConnect account representative can speak with you more about our included and additional professional development options.

What are the technical requirements?

MasteryConnect and BubbleScore are web-based solutions in the cloud. All you need is an up-to-date web browser on a Mac or PC. For GradeCam bubblesheet scanning, a simple browser plugin needs to be installed (don’t worry, we'll walk you through it). For scoring from the iPad/iPod...well, you’ll need to get an iPad or iPod for your students and then download the FREE BubbleSheet app. The BubbleSheet app for iPod/iPad handles student responses for both MasteryConnect and BubbleScore and instantly updates the respective gradebooks in real-time.

Do you provide support for Elmo cameras?

For GradeCam bubble sheet scanning, MasteryConnect does not officially provide support for Elmo document cameras. We do, however, provide beta software that reportedly works with most Elmo cameras. Many schools are using this beta software with no problems. Because we don't officially support Elmo, our support team is unable to provide phone or email support around installation and troubleshooting of the beta software with your Elmo camera. We do provide a help step card for the beta plugin to get you started. The step card provides links to the download of the Elmo plugin installation file as well as instructions on how to get the plugin installed. For GradeCam bubble sheet scanning, we recommend using a built-in web camera, USB web camera, or USB document camera with a minimum 5 megapixel capability. We suggest testing the camera that you would like to use before purchase of MasteryConnect and before a bulk purchase of one type of document or web camera.

Additional questions?

If you have any additional questions before signing up, we’d be happy to answer them! Check out our webinars page and register for an upcoming online demonstration. Or you can contact us through the web or call us at 801-736-0258. Our offices are located at 6330 South 3000 East, Suite 700, Salt Lake City, UT 84121, USA