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Building communities to promote real change in grading, assessment, and learning

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Moving Schools Forward, On Purpose

Presented by Tom Hierck

If we truly aim to have a culture that embraces “learning for ALL”, we must begin with building effective relationships with all constituents of a school community.

The most common challenge is how to transition from a culture of compliance to a culture of commitment. How to move from ‘doing’ to ‘becoming’. From ‘my kids’ to ‘our kids.’ Creating a culture of collective responsibility and commitment is often-overlooked in a school’s journey. This process requires meaningful, collaborative conversations with all community members, as well as a focal point to connect the work.

Hear Tom share his insights on how to

  • Embrace the idea of defining your WHY
  • Align policy, procedure, and practice with purpose
  • Understand the impact of DNA
  • Discuss the four stages of authentic alignment
  • Establish what is needed for a collective commitment
  • Plan next steps in your school’s journey

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Grading for Impact: Raising Achievement through Target-Based Assessment and Grading

Presented by Garth Larson

Educational systems continue to look for ways to maximize learning, increase achievement, and provide honest and accurate results to students and families. Target-based assessment, grading and reporting provides a practical solution to these goals.

This model provides feedback based on proficiency of academic and behavioral targets that are found through analyzing the standards. Finally, schools at all levels (elementary, middle, and high) can create a system that flows together in order to raise student achievement.

Join Garth in this interactive webinar to see practical tools and examples to make target-based assessment, grading and reporting work in ALL schools for ALL students in ALL communities.

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About Our Presenters

Tom Hierck

Tom Hierck

A 29-year veteran of public education, Tom is a compelling presenter and staff developer, infusing his message of hope with strategies culled from the real world. He works with teachers and administrators to create positive school cultures that facilitate learning for all students. He is the author of numerous publications, including Starting a Movement: Building Culture from the Inside out in Professional Learning Communities.

Garth Larson

Garth Larson

Garth Larson is the K-12 Director of Learning for Winneconne Community School District in Wisconsin. He sits on the Board of Directors for ASCD Wisconsin and the K-12 Advisory Council for the University of Wisconsin and teaches educational courses as an adjunct faculty professor. After founding First Educational Resources in 2011, he's worked with 1100+ schools and districts around the country, providing customized professional development. He is the co-author of the recently released Collaborative Systems of Support: Learning for ALL.