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Join assessment expert Sarah Wicks for a one-hour webinar as she shares best practices to consider when developing your own formative assessments.

Best Practice for Creating Formative Assessments

Sarah Wicks

Recorded: Aug 2018

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Leveraging data for continuous improvement: it's easier said than done. In their work with dozens of school systems, Schoolzilla, a premier partner of MasteryConnect, has learned key best practices to keep any conversation about data positive and productive. Whether you're prepping for a PLC meeting, coaching conversation, or PD session, Schoolzilla and MasteryConnect will help you come away feeling ready to take action for our students!

Actionable Data Conversations

Jason Dolan

Recorded: Dec 2017

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Moving Schools Forward, On Purpose
Presented by Tom Hierck

Grading for Impact: Raising Achievement through Target-Based Assessment and Grading
Presented by Garth Larson

Building communities to promote real change in grading, assessment, and learning

Two-Part Event

Recorded: Nov 2017

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The Inspect® assessment solution offers thousands of pre-built assessments for ongoing formative assessment throughout the school year, including assessment suites for Classroom Checkpoints, Interim Formative Assessment, Comprehensive / End-of-Year Assessments and more. And they’ve been updated for 2017-2018.

New! Pre-built assessment solutions from Inspect® for 2017-2018 in MC

Kendall Weiser

Recorded: Oct 2017

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Trenton Goble takes you on a one-hour online tour of MasteryConnect assessment and curriculum tools designed to support student growth. You’ll see how MC takes assessment to the next level, with innovative solutions like evidence capture, custom rubrics, and integrated performance-based options.

MC Back to School Night — Meet MasteryConnect

Trenton Goble

Recorded: Sept 2017

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Learn how to use research-based principles to understand and gain actionable information from your formative data. We will identify must-have reports, and we will introduce an instructional strategy that uses higher order thinking as part of the formative assessment process.

Using Formative Assessment Data to Guide Instruction

Sara Shore

Recorded: July 2017

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When Todd Theobald first entered the halls of his elementary building, he found himself principal of the only failing school in the district. A new state grading system had publically issued an “F” for the Title I school, and he had marching orders to perform what seemed like a miracle.

Leading PLCs for Real Student Growth

Todd Theobald

Recorded: July 2017

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In the K-12 world—where “PLC-ing” has become a verb—it can be challenging to move collaborative teams from simply looking at data to acting on it.

During this hour-long live webinar, one principal shares his experience on how ditching what he calls “PLC process worship” made all the difference. He’ll share how he empowers his teachers to meaningfully use formative and summative data from every PLC meeting to make a real, lasting impact on student growth.

Less Talk, More Action
in PLCs

Dean Wilson

Recorded: May 2017

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Now that MasteryConnect is fully integrated with the Canvas LMS, it’s easier than ever to use MasteryConnect curriculum and assessment tools to measure and promote student growth. In addition to single sign-on and automatic data pass back, teachers can launch formative or benchmark assessments created from any of the million standards within the MasteryConnect platform—directly from the Canvas interface.

Making Assessment, Curriculum & PLC Magic

James Seaman

Recorded: March 2017

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When PS 330Q scored low in New York City’s annual quality review, school staff decided to implement a more data-driven approach. One year later, they ranked in the top 10 for most improved math scores in the city.

From Remediation to Top 10 with Data-Driven Instruction

Regina Capowski

Recorded: February 2016

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What Administrators & Teachers Are Saying

“This program is magical. It invigorates an excitement, understanding, and ease in utility of applying standards based, content rich instruction to students.”
Catherine DuBois
Assistant Principal, Seymour High School

“Oh my goodness. This is by far the most powerful tool that I have come across in 16 years of teaching. To be able to create differentiated groups that are fluid, to get ‘down and dirty’ data with the ability to immediately remediate in a manner that allows me to share at any time with colleagues, administrators, and parents is wonderful. I feel more empowered than ever.”
Stephanie Truitt
4th Grade Teacher, Flint Lake Elementary, Indiana